• Day One

    So I ran.  About two miles.  Well, I traveled two miles, anyway…


    I purposely picked a course that I assumed I would not be able to complete in one shot, so I’d have something to work toward.  This turns out to have worked out very nicely.  I worked as hard as I could, and learned a lot of things:



    After I made my surprise announcement this morning, my wife volunteered to come with me for support.  I learned a great many things from this. Most importantly, I learned that while she can ‘rest’ during a run by walking very fast, walking very fast tears the crap out of my shin-splints.  Turns out, it’s actually easier for me to jog as a ‘rest’, and I travel about the same speed as her race-walking.  Who knew?  Maybe my previous failures with running were due to trying to do it the way others told me to, instead of doing what felt right?



    My chain-smoking parents bequeathed unto the younger me a mild asthma that only shows up during aerobic exercise.  I wheeze like an un-oiled child’s playset, and feel tight in the chest, until I stop.  Today, I decided to to push the issue.  I didn’t stop.  I wheezed and wheezed, and realized that despite my wheezing, it wasn’t making me any less able to run, just embarrassed that I sounded like a steam locomotive as I went down the street.  So, I reached deep down into my newly developed “I don’t give a fuck” reservoir, and just kept embarrassingly wheezing along.  I got a lot farther than I thought I would before I needed a rest.



    Is the enemy!  I’m so glad my wife came, so we could occasionally converse, between wheezes.  I would have stopped after five minutes, just thinking about pain and exhaustion.  Tomorrow, I’ll bring headphones…


    Notes to self:

    • Running on grass is wobbly.  Pay more attention while doing it, or you’re gonna get hurt.
    • Running on toes relieves shin splint pain a bit.
    • Seems like Nike Shox aren’t too bad for running.
    • Everyone says you get a “runners high” when you reach your limits.  LIES!  I felt like I got hit by a truck afterwards…




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