• Day Two, Continued…

    This article was written on Jun 29th 2011 at 11:45 am


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    OK, so this is gonna be a problem. The pain stopped me from running, and at times was so severe it stopped me from jogging or even walking!  It seems my shins wear out long before my body does, so I’m never going to push my physical limits until I overcome them.


    After stretching and rest, the shin-splint pain is mostly gone.  I’ve researched it on a number of runners’ websites, and while they all seem to agree that the fact that the pain subsides without painkillers means it’s probably not stress fractures, that’s about ALL they agree on.


    One says that if the pain is less while applying pressure to the arch, I just need orthotics.  Another says that the muscle tearing that shin-splints represent will become a significant medical issue if I don’t stop running right away.  Several say that “changing my gait” will fix the problem, but they seem a little fuzzy on how to do so, and how to determine which way to change it.


    I’m going to try a set of shin-exercises I found on runnersworld.com as a warmup to all my runs from now on, and see if it helps.  I’m not ready to give up just yet, but I’m starting to worry…

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