• Back In The Saddle

    Two days of alternate activity seems to have done the trick!  I managed my full course today, at my original run/walk ratio. I had the pace turned down a bit, just to be careful, but I got it done.



    So obviously, part of this whole fitness-kick is my determination to drop 60 pounds or so.  As expected, as soon as I started running, I started gaining weight.  It always happens.  Muscles are bulking up (my calves are the size of coffee-cans, with almost zero fat), and the new hunger pangs inspire a bit of over-eating.  I put on a two or three pounds last week, and plateaued.


    Finally, coming back from the long weekend, I started back down again.  Today, my eleventh day in, I am back where I started, but I’m calling it three pounds lost!  It’s OK to lie to myself if it keeps me motivated, right?

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