• Dirty Dozen

    It’s my twelfth day running, and it doesn’t suck!  It’s crazy, but I’m starting to think that I just might be able to stick with this…


    This morning’s run was almost a little fun.  I didn’t ever feel like I wasn’t going to make it through any of my running segments, and I didn’t cheat, making any of my walks a little longer.  I got back feeling tired, but not terribly out-of-breath, and even had the energy to smile at a couple of people I passed.



    My flexibility is back, and possibly even a little bit better than it was before I started.  That makes me happy, because of all the potential problems I thought running could cause, I never expected that particular change!  I still seem to be freaking out the passers-by with my front-yard stretching/yoga sessions, though…



    I’m still hurting.  I’ve adjusted my gait such that when my heel comes down, I purposely try to keep the muscles on my shins from flexing until after my foot rolls flat.  This has helped a lot, and the pain has moved from a hot-spot high on my shins to a more spread-out burn along the whole length.  It’s much better than it was, but it’s still a bit worrisome.  My friend Donovan, who runs crazy triathlon stuff, suggests that I wrap my shins at night.  I think I’ll pick up some coach’s tape from the drug store.



    I’m barely even noticing my wheezing any more.  It’s never been stopping me from running, but now, I don’t sound nearly so decrepit.  It could just be that I’m not breathing as hard now, but I’m going to just declare it a miracle-cure, because it makes me feel better.



    I’m actually a pound lighter today than yesterday.  It’s robably all just water loss from the running, but I think we’ve already established that I’ll lie shamelessly to myself, if that’s what it takes to stay motivated!


    Funny Looks:

    I’ve decided I’m OK with the attention I get from the traffic while I do my cool down/stretching/yoga in the front yard.  Neighbors are starting to wave, so I guess I’m becoming a fixture.  Before, I was just the guy who walks the Really Big Dog and the Really Little Dog.  Maybe now I’ll be The Weird Guy Who Stands In His Front Yard Doing Funny Things, But We Don’t Want To Say Anything Because He Owns That Really Big Dog.

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