• Wondrous Feets!

    I’ve been running for two months now.  I’m not very good yet, but I’ve developed the habit, and I don’t see it stopping any time soon.  Unless, that is, my lower legs crumple up and fall off, which has been seeming like a real possibility, of late. My shins, my heels, and some old fractures in my feet have been persistent problems, that were starting to look like they were only going to get worse, not better…


    Last week, I finally took one of the first pieces of advice I was given by another runner, to go to Fleet Feet for a new pair of running shoes.  As always seems to be the case with good advice, I had to learn from my own mistakes rather than learning from the mistakes of others.  I should have done it a month ago!


    The Fleet Feet folks did much more than I expected for me.  They measured my unusually shaped feet (several times, in fact – I think they just couldn’t believe oneAsics Duomax GT-2160 another about the measurements!), they put me in six different pairs of shoes and five different pairs of sole inserts, and they even let me run around the building in each of the likely candidate combinations, to really try them out.  I came home with a new pair of Asics Duomax sneakers and two pairs of custom-cut sole inserts (one for my new pair, and one to upgrade my old pair for running in nasty conditions).  My mismatched, severely pronated, high-arched, extra-wide, hyper-flexible feet have never felt so well supported!


    I’ve taken them out running twice now, and my legs/feet have felt better on both of those two runs than on any run I’ve been on thus far.  Thankyouthankythankyou Liz Katzman, old friend and dance partner, for this wonderful suggestion!

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