• Too Much Information!

    Today makes exactly nine weeks since I began this masochistic odyssey.  In an attempt to gauge my progress as a runner, I’ve been doing a lot of internet research on running in the last week or so.  It hasn’t been encouraging!


    Progress Report:


    I spent a lot of time checking out articles for new runners, intended to help them plan their initial development.  While it seems that no one on the internet completely agrees on what the best runner’s startup plan is, they all seem to agree that I should have been where I am now a long while ago, say around week five.


    At first I tried to convince myself that it was my shins’ fault, as their inability to withstand daily running is what forced me to cut back to three runs per week from five or six, but the fact is, most of the plans I found specify running only three days a week.  I’ve also tried to evaluate my performance honestly, to see if I just haven’t been pushing myself enough, but especially given my new, longer route, I am just about dead at the end of each run, so I’m pretty sure that I’m pushing myself as far as I can.


    I guess I’m just a slow starter…


    Health Prospects:


    Once I had thoroughly depressed myself with my progress evaluation, I decided I would console myself by looking at how much I was improving my health, so started researching again.  I found lots of research on how running improves blood pressure and cholesterol, both things I have trouble with.


    It turns out that running can produce significant decreases in blood pressure and LDL, while increasing levels of HDL (the good cholesterol).  It also turns out that running does all these wonderful things if and only if you run more than about ten miles per week.  Since my shins forced me to cut my running in half, I only manage about five and a half miles per week, which according to all the studies I’ve found will produce no statistically significant decreases in health risk factors.


    The upshot:


    So at just over two months of running, I’ve lost no weight, I’m improving much more slowly than average, and I’m not particularly bettering my health prospects.  Yay me.  At least everyone is impressed with my new calves…


    I should really stop researching things on the internet!






    2 comments to "Too Much Information!"

    • Lol Blaise, you had to be a little slower than average at SOMETHING….Mr. Overachiever it will only be a matter of time before you’re running the 15K Boilermaker here in Utica! I’m so excited for you starting this! I’ll even get up early to cheer you on next July for the race : )

    • Err… 15k? I’ll be happy if I ever manage to reach 5k! That’ll probably be in about a year, at this rate…

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