• Walk-Be-Gone

    So I finally began losing some of my walking on my morning run today.  With my pacing under control, I’ve been able to increase the length of my running segments every run for two weeks.  today, I only increased the running a little, but decreased my walking segment lengths by 33%.


    Holy crap that was hard!


    I can’t understand why I can add another 30 seconds of running to my running segments every day, and barely notice it, but decreasing the length of my walking a bit makes me nearly die!  My shins throbbed, my lungs ached, and my asthma wheeze even came back…


    It was hard, but I made it.  I felt like I did on my first few runs, where I was never sure if I had the juice to finish out my current running segment, but I *did* finish them all.  I think I’m gonna have to mellow here for a few runs, and let it sink in.



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