• Finally, results!

    I just got back from my physical exam.  It was all quite routine, until my doctor commented, “If your blood pressure gets much lower, we might consider taking you off your blood pressure medication.”




    He said it like it was nothing, just a casual observation, but he should have been jumping up and down in disbelief!  High blood pressure runs in my family.  Both grandfathers, both parents, and me.  I had “worrisome” blood pressure levels when I was 25, and I’ve been taking medication for nearly ten years. With the medication, my BP at my last physical was 140 over 90, (full blown high blood pressure) where it had slowly climbed back to after I started taking the meds, and just high enough that the doctor was talking about different, more serious meds.  Today, my blood pressure was 130 over 80, which is just a smidge above the line for “prehypertension”, aka “you’re fine, we just want to check it regularly”.


    I started this blog out by noting that I’ve always been active.  Ballroom dancing, yoga, martial arts, what have you, I’ve never been an irredeemable couch potato.  I’ve also always eaten pretty well too (although I do have a weakness for the occasional french fry, which my waist can attest to).  Despite my occasional fry relapses, I’ve spent the majority of my adult life dieting to reduce calories, sodium, cholesterol, etc.  I’ve gone whole years where I replaced a meal every day with salad.  Despite all that, other than the first year I started taking medication, my blood pressure has increased relentlessly, year after year.  I’m genetically beaten.  Or I thought I was…


    In the last four months, three of which I’ve been running, my blood pressure has dropped almost twice as much as it did in the year after I started taking blood pressure medication!


    As much as I sometimes truly believe I’m going to die during my runs, I’m beginning to think running might just save my life…



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