• Success!

    I’ve finally done it!  After four and a half months of beating the crap out of myself, today, for the first time, I ran my two mile course without any walking at all, and my heart-rate never passed 98 percent of maximum, so I know I wasn’t hurting myself.  3.1 kilometers in 23 minutes, 15 seconds, or approximately two back to back eleven and a half minute miles on hilly terrain!


    Believe it or not, what finally made the difference was this stupid watch.  Knowing that I could time myself exactly and keep tabs on my heartrate, while simultaneously being able to completely abandon counting steps and focus on my breathing, gave me the hope to finally push all the way through.


    I almost didn’t make it.  Whether it was my subconscious or my muscle memory, every time I passed a point where I’ve previously been starting a walking phase, the pain in my shins flared, my breathing got much harder, and my head started to pound.  At one point, I was a split-second away from abandoning the attempt when my old friend anger showed up and gave me the push I needed to get past it.


    It wasn’t fun, and it wasn’t pleasant, but today I accomplished something I had almost decided was impossible for me, and as pathetic as I know such a small accomplishment is in the grand scheme of things, I feel like a fucking Greek god!  A very achy, tired, wobbly Greek god…


    I gave myself a cookie.  Literally.



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    • Great work! The first non-stop 2-mile run is the hardest. Lately, I’ve been allowing myself some breaks and my best time so far is 25:40.

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