• Point Of No Return?

    I think I may have passed a watershed moment in my tenure as a runner last week.  I’ve approached this whole idea with as much caution and realistic expectation as I could, so I wouldn’t abandon yet another expensive boondoggle, like all those unused gym memberships and exercise machines.  My minimalist path started with just gear I had on hand, which I stuck with until it became obvious I really needed specific things to progress.


    This started with shoes, which I went and had fitted by professionals when it was clear I was going to damage my feet otherwise.  A few weeks later, I added running shorts and special running socks, as they, too, had become obviously necessary.  Four months in, it was the need to change my course reckoning technique, and monitor my health better, that got me to buy my multi-function heartrate/pace/time monitoring wristwatch.


    Then, last week, the encroaching winter drove me back to the stores for cold-weather running gear.  I walked in with my usual “don’t buy lots of crap you aren’t going to use” mentality.  I walked out with hundreds of dollars worth of base layers, outerwear, gloves, and other assorted gear.


    After the fact, I had a moment of panic, where I realized I had just bought an enormous bunch of crap that was all going to go to waste if I stopped running.  Then, I had something of an epiphany.  I realized that the reason I had forgotten my rule of minimalist buying is that running has become so much a part of my life that I just started shopping, like I would for dance gear or groceries!


    So apparently, I’m actually a runner now…



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    • All you have to do now is get running snow shoes and start doing that race series this year ;)

    • Yes, you are. Didn’t you see Nicole’s link on Facebook? I cited you as one of the people part of this running conspiracy :-)

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