• Fit To Be Tied!

    This article was written on May 3rd 2012 at 2:52 pm


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    Yesterday evening, I spent 10 glorious hours pain free.  I just needed to get tied up!


    By the podiatrist, of course.  I*finally* got a slot to see one about the tearing heel-pain that’s taken me off the road and made me limp for the last six weeks.  As I had previously explained to my doctor’s nurse practitioner, my doctor, *and* the podiatrist, *gasp* it turns out I have plantar fasciitis!  We determined this for absolute certain by him binding up my foot with surgical tape, coaches tape, etc, and me walking around and reporting that the pain was nearly gone, and I could walk normally.


    In a matter of minutes, the throbbing was almost completely gone, and I could take full strides with only a slight pull in each step.  It worked so well, it was all I could do to restrain myself from going out for a quick run last night.


    The plan was to keep it on for three days, to make extra, extra sure it ‘s really, truly plantar fasciitis, but the plastic bag I attempted to use to keep the bandaging dry in the shower decided to play dirty.  The damp tape had completely ceased to stick by lunch, and I’m back to limping.  I miss it.  I also hope the doctor will start making the appropriate shoe-inserts tomorrow when I go in to get re-taped!


    Who knows, I may yet run again!

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