• Still Going. Slowly…

    So after last Saturday’s unexpectedly high-impact return to running, it was days before my thighs and lower back could even consider another one.   To my surprise, my recovering plantar fascia was just fine!  I contented myself with the machine instead.


    Interestingly, on Monday, the podiatrist, after prodding my post-run heel and making pleased noises, gave (sold) me some non-custom arch supports to try out before I spent $400 on a pair of custom.  He said they were much more supportive than the drug-store supports I had found.  I walked around in them for three days, and my heel started hurting again, so I switched back.  The heel isn’t any better now, but it wasn’t that much worse, either, so yesterday, I finally got out again.


    I changed my route, just for some variety.  This was both good and bad.  Good, because the path I took was pretty fun and interesting, and had a long, shallow downhill on it that was a joy to run. Bad because a) I discovered that the downhill was paid for with a quarter mile of nearly 45 degree climb on the backside, and b) during this nightmare, I realized the hard way that I’d forgotten to use my asthma inhaler before running.


    All in all, not a bad day out.  The weather was spectacular, if a little muggy.  I’m in no pain this time, and I only had to break for walking once.  I even dipped slightly below 12-minute miles again!


    Now, if only the last of this worrisome heel twinge would pack up and leave…



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