• Stupid hurts!

    This article was written on Sep 27th 2012 at 11:26 pm


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    Yup, just like you’d assume, that two miles made a mess of things.  Three days later, the cortisone wore off, and I couldn’t walk for several days.


    Then, of course, I spent another three weeks icing and popping ibuprofen like tic-tacs, waiting for my orthotics.  The orthotics help, a little. Of course, none of my shoes fit, so while my heel is slowly getting better, every *other* part of my feet hurts like hell.


    Some days, I only get a few twinges.  Others, it aches constantly.  Fortunately, the constantly days are getting fewer, and the twinges day are getting more common, but I’m still afraid to start running again.


    I’m staying as trained as I can with the machine.  I do as many minutes as my run would normally have taken on the highest resistance level, an I get my heartrate up int the right range.  I manage four or five times a week, which is actually more than I was running, so I should still be able to keep my pace when I finally get back to it.


    This, my friends, sucks ass.

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